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         Armageddon is a 1st/3rd person survival game taking place in a post apocalyptic city.
The city was destroyed after a nuclear war took out most of humanity. The few Survivors have formed groups and made camps in order to survive, what will you do? 

         The Game Armageddon will have many types of AI that will roam the city, trade, make camps, and fight. Up to a max of 64 Real players will be dropped into a diverse world happening and changing on its own, we want to create the feel of a real apocalypse with dynamic AI, and then drop the players into this real living world. People will have the option of hosting their own servers, with the possibility of custom scripts and maps in the future.

Please Note: The game is in extreme early access, we have a long road ahead of us, And we hope that you will be there the whole way!

EDIT June 18th 2018: Progress has stopped, the code is a mess and this was my first attempt at a game. it's beyond the point where I could redo it from scratch at this point. One day I may come back to it and make it much better, but today I start a new journey with a new game, taking my mistakes from this one to improve my later games. I hope you all can understand - Jessie

Our Website: NeonThunderstorm.ga

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When i downloaded this a virus notification popped up

Not sure why, it's just a standard UE4 packaged project. Maybe because it creates files?

This game needs alot of work.

1) the controls need to be looser (Go to move the mouse across the desk just to look around)

2) Key binding would help alot.

Besides these the game is on the right track.